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Weekly Trivia Questions about the series.

For parents, teachers and young readers of Living the Beach Life.


A Dog and A Monkey Living on the Beach?                                                What type of tree sap caused Lion Paw’s veterinarian visit?                            Which character is the narrator  in the story, 
Home to Lion Paw and Oliver                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Lion Paw and Oliver, An Unlikely FriendshipCover Image latest (2)

What type of tree is this?



Where was Wilbur’s favorite place to rest?
Maybe this video will give you some hints.
Wilbur Snoring on the Beach

Page 20b

In which story of the series did Shylo the puppy have a cameo?

Can a Monkey and a dog be friends?

Can you name Oliver’s three friends?
What type of animals are they?

If you don’t remember take a look at the photo for some hints and read Oliver and Friends to find more of the answers.

Find out who comes to join the family next?

Find out who comes to join the family next?

Can you find Lion Paw in Wilbur the Beach Pig, Remember When? Look through the pictures. She is there somewhere.

The Famous Beach Pig

Miss Mocha has to be put in a new home in Oliver and Friends.
How many places did the caretakers try out before Miss Mocha and Oliver were happy?
Read Oliver and Friends to find out what animal Miss Mocha is and why she needed a new home.

Find out who comes to join the family next?

Oliver snatched quite a few pairs of glasses on his own. When a new friend came to live with him he was able to get even more glasses.
Do you know who Oliver’s new friend is?
How many glasses can a monkey take in one day?
Oliver playing with a pair of glasses.

Oliver playing with a pair of glasses.

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