Friday Fun Fact and Video – Never Before Seen Footage of Lion Paw and Oliver Playing

It’s not just a book trailer. It is a piece of me, filled with the passion I have for what I do!

The long hours of editing to find just the right moments to transition to a photo or slow down a video clip so that it fits with the tempo of the music.

Placing the right words, the right photos, the right video to match the lyrics and messages of the song and the book.

Watching my furry friends play and listening to one of my all time favorite songs made the editing process enjoyable.

Identifying the song for the video was immediate. The song Different Colours РOne People by Lucky Dube encompasses strong messages of understanding and love for one another which are also strong messages seen throughout the first book in the Living the Beach Life Series. A perfect mix of like mindedness in the creative world. Thank you for allowing me to use the song INgrooves.

The creative whims of a writer, an animal lover, a music lover.

To enjoy the footage of Lion Paw and Oliver playing, click on the picture below!



Tuesday Trivia – A Dog and A Monkey Living on the Beach?

What Island did Oliver the Monkey, Lion Paw the Dog and their other friends live on in the story Lion Paw and Oliver, An Unlikely Friendship?

Home to Lion Paw and Oliver

Bonus Question: What other Island can you see across the narrows from where they lived?

If you have read Lion Paw and Oliver, An Unlikely Friendship the answer is in it’s pages. For those new to the series or just popping in for a look, Tuesday Trivia is posted weekly and archived on site to give parents, children and teachers more ways to interact with the series and the characters. Trivia questions can be used for comprehension quizzes, pre-reading and during reading activities or for pure trivia enjoyment. Join us on one of these platforms and enjoy Tuesday Trivia for the Living the Beach Life Children’s Book Series weekly.



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Sweet Moments: Oliver & Mocha Cuddling

Each and every time I post old photos I get the chance to look back at all the fun we had. I am so grateful to have been able to capture and save sweet moments in time. Little ones grow up so fast. The special times we take out each and everyday to care for, spend time with and love them is so very important. Enjoy the sweet moments!

Oliver and Mocha Cuddling

Oliver and Mocha Cuddling