Friday Facts & Photos


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Friday Fun Video

Miss Mocha is not the only animal who likes to climb

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Check out this video of a another goat on a pig.

Friday Flashback Photo

One of Oliver’s trips home to our house

Oliver's Trip

Oliver’s Trip

Friday Fun Fact

Lion Paw would put her whole mouth around Olivers head when they were playing. She did this oh so gently. Amazing!

Lion Paw and Oliver Playing

Friday Photo

Mocha and Oliver Out and About

Oliver and Mocha

Oliver and Mocha

Friday Fun Fact

Lion Paw would come to visit our house on occasion. She had very sensitive skin as a young dog. We had her stay off the beach for a few days to get rid of her soars. Elmo, our dog at home got along extremely well with Lion Paw. This was before Shylo was even born.

Lion Paw and Elmo 2008 hanging in the Kitchen

Flashback Friday Photo


Oliver and Mocha Resting 2009

Oliver and Mocha Cuddling 2009



Friday Fun Fact

Shylo, the authors puppy, played with all of the characters in the books when she came to visit the beach.

Shylo with Lion Paw and Oliver

Shylo at the beach with Oliver and Lion Paw Living the Beach Life

Flashback Friday Photo

Oliver Eating Corn on the Cobb 2009

Oliver Eating Corn on the Cobb 2009

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