Friday Fun Facts & Photos – Crazy Girl – Photo Shoot of Garbage

Writing Wilbur the Beach Pig Remember When happened very quickly. Putting the pictures together was another story. I had quite a few of my own, but I needed more to do the story justice. Most of the time when Wilbur was doing his thing I was too busy making sure he did not knock over anything while sauntering around or leading him so he would not disturb anyone. I asked others to share pictures of Wilbur with me that I could use for the book. I am thankful for those that shared.

One picture I could not get from anyone or from my own photos was the garbage knocked over. I had to recreate it. Who takes pictures of garbage knocked over? ME!  I DO.

So in the midst of a busy day, garbage absolutely chock block a full, I knocked it over. The utter shock factor from guests on the beach was humorous to say the least. The reactions when I started photographing the garbage were hilarious.

I learned a lesson in humility that day. Trying to explain to people that I was using the photos for a book I was writing was ridiculous. I think many thought I was a crazy girl taking pictures of garbage.

Here’s to the photoshoot of the garbage!

Garbage Photo Shoot #1

Garbage Shoot Picture #1

Garbage Shoot Picture #2

Garbage Shoot Picture #

Garbage Shoot Picture #13

Garbage Shoot Picture #13

You got it right! Thirteen pictures of garbage. I only bored you with three.

Wish I had gotten video and photos of peoples reactions. Priceless!

Enjoy your weekend. Who knows maybe you will be taking a crazy person photo shoot of garbage. Try explaining that one to people!