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I heart caterpillars because they become butterflies, but my garden is losing its green.


The Very Hungary Caterpillars

Day one of caterpillar munching


Day One

Day Four of Caterpillar Munching


Day Four

I am compiling video footage and more photos as the days go on that can be used my teachers, parents and children when learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar.  What book does this remind you of? It is one of my favorites to use in the classroom.

For those new to the series or just popping in for a look. Friday Fun Facts and Photos are posted weekly and archived on site to give parents, children and teachers more ways to interact with the Living the Beach Life children’s book series and other great books for children. It can be used for pre-reading anticipation or to spur children to write a story or for pure enjoyment. Join us on our website or one of these platforms and enjoy Friday Fun Facts and Photos for the Living the Beach Life Children’s Book Series weekly.

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