Friday Fun Facts and Photos – Animals Everywhere!

Oliver, Miss Mocha, Lion Paw and Wilbur were not the only characters hanging out on the beach. We seemed to be the place that all animals came too. We had a chicken show up one day. It stayed with us for a bit and then we never saw it again.

Random Chicken

Random Chicken

We had a cat show up. We named her Socks. She ended up going to a family off the beach.



Then there was Cally. She was brought to the beach and still resides there today. Oliver and Wilbur were not the only ones that liked to hang out by the boat rack. You could find Cally there taking a snooze.

Cally on the Boat Rack

…or you could find her cuddled up in the sails of our sailing boats

Cally In A Sail

…or in the watersports shed curled up in our snorkel vests….

Cally in the Snorkel Vest

…or on one of our cars.

Cally on the Jeep

Do you have a pet? Where do they like to hang out?

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