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I want to thank Michelle Webster and Colleen McFarland for taking the time to give me feedback on my author visits.

“It was great to have Heidi visit Woodholme again this year.  Her classroom visits were fantastic.  She responded to students on an individual level and was able to answer their questions.  During the grade level assemblies, Heidi shared her books and power point, she shared information about the writing process which was most helpful for students.  Having an author share how she gets ideas from real life situations was very meaningful for students.”

Michelle Webster, Reading Specialist, Woodholme Elementary

“What a wonderful treat for ALL our students!  Heidi Fagerberg not only shared her books and invigorating tales of life on St. Kitts, she walked our students through the writing process.  Often, students want to write once and be finished.  Mrs. Fagerberg showed them how true authors work with others and make revisions to their work over and over to get the story just right!  Our students realized what goes into writing a book and how they can use events from their own lives and share them in new and interesting ways.  I highly recommend Mrs. Fagerberg to visit your school to read her books!  She entertained, informed, and engaged our students, 1st-5th grade alike, so that they left her excited and ready to pick up a pencil to write!”

Colleen McFarland, Assistant Prinicpal, Southgate Elementary

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